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How to save energy at home 

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How to save energy at home 

Energy loss can be a great problem in a household. Not only that the house or an apartment is never too cold in summer or to warm in winter, but the money losses are significant because a lot of energy s wasted. Here are a few ways to adapt your home in order to save a lot of energy and also a lot of money. 

Wall and roof insulation

Good insulation home or workplace is the starting point of each savings and energy efficiency plan. Effective systems of heating or cooling have their function only in a well insulated building. Energy losses come from all sides: roof, windows, walls, floors and ventilation. There are many ways to lose energy, and only one to preserve it – insulation. It does not only keep the temperature, but also lowers energy consumption as well as CO2 emissions. Nevertheless, the insulation can be an excellent fire protection, but also protection from noise.

Did you know that the roof on your home is responsible for more energy loss than your windows and doors combined?  Any master elite roofer will know a thing or two about insulating roofs because they prefer installing a complete GAF roofing system. The difference between a standard roof replacement and a GAF Roofing System is that every component works together from the waterproof leak barrier to the roof cap. All of these components must be installed just right in order for a company to maintain their master elite roofing status. Learn more here.

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Replacement windows and doors

13The woodwork in the house or apartment, despite the clear functional and aesthetic importance, occupies a prominent place in improving the energy efficiency of housing. The total heat loss is influenced by glass and window profiles. It is estimated that, depending on the quality of materials, construction and the windows themselves, the total energy loss through windows can achieve as much as 50 percent of heat loss from the building, which is up to ten times larger than the loss through walls. Investment in replacing the inefficient woodwork is not too big, considering the amount of energy you will save.

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For maximum energy efficiency Renewal by Andersen windows simply cannot be beat because of they way they are custom manufactured to precisely fit each window frame they are to be placed in.

The implementation of efficient systems for heating and cooling

energy-saveEfficient heating systems will surely save money. This can be achieved by installing central heating systems, replacing old and inefficient boilers, switching to other fuels with a selection of more efficient fuels with lower CO2 emission (gas, biomass and the like). Heat pumps offer the most energy efficient way to provide heating and cooling, whether in residential or commercial application, as they can use stocks of heat from renewable energy sources in our environment – the energy of soil, surface water, groundwater and air.

Buying household appliances

“A” class home appliances are the most effective because they use the least amount of electricity. “G” class devices or those unmarked consume large amounts of electricity while they have the same capacity of operation, so they should be replaced. First of all, electricity bills will be reduced by using more energy-efficient appliances. In addition, lower power consumption brings reduced pollution and better preservation of the environment and natural resources.

Installing LED lighting

The most efficient form of lighting is LED lighting. Replace traditional lighting with LED saves energy consumption up to 80%, and the quality of light is the same or even better. They have the longest life expectancy, lasting over 10 times longer than regular light bulbs. Consequently, the initial investment in LED lighting is recovered very quickly, due to the savings that are achieved by its use. It does not emit UV rays or heat and the disposal of LED lamps does not pollute the environment because it is easy to recycle.