Wednesday, January 26, 2011

An Innovative Piece of Door Hardware That Saves You Money

Anyone reading Home Power Saver for any time knows that I love to profile easy projects and simple products that save energy.

Back in the early days I profiled an innovated piece of door hardware that creates a tight seal.  Best of all, it only takes 30 seconds to install!

Well, this innovative product has gotten even better!

This innovative hardware is a simple strike plate, but one that has a ratcheting action that holds a door shut tightly, reducing air infiltration and improving the seal.

The news gets better because they now have a nickel finished ratchet strike plate, and it is 20 cents cheaper than the brass finish one.

So if you were holding off buying one because of the aesthetics (i.e. brass not matching your existing door hardware), you are in luck! 

Anyway, I've installed one of these plates on all of my external doors, and it is truly one of the easier ways to ensure a tighter, better insulation seal on your doors.  Check out the original article, A Tightly Sealed Door in 30 Seconds, for more details.

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